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Residential Fence

ADF Fence Products manufactures multiple ornamental and decorative metal fences & gates for pool fencing, backyard fencing and dog fencing. ADF’s welded ornamental steel fences are the most popular and widely installed by contractors in the nation.

Commercial Fence

In the past the fence industry defined commercial fencing as a chain link fence with 3 strands of barb wire. Today ADF has redefined the commercial fence industry with products that match the level of security demanded and balance the distinctive look of wrought iron into a perimeter security fence system.

Industrial Fence

ADF’s industrial fencing has helped sculpt the architectural arena by offering products of superior strength and durability. These industrial ornamental fences have challenged the status quo by setting standards in the fence industry for more durable coatings that yield a longer product life.

High Security Fence

After the tragic event of 9/11 ADF paused to reflect on how it could better protect the United States of America. Since that event ADF has developed multiple high security fence products that help secure and protect at risk facilities.